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Jumat, 19 Agustus 2011

first time i saw YOU ^^

first time i saw you , emm no no no . first time i talked with you , ya ya that's closer :D
first time you called me and sayed " hai " to me , ooh my Lord . i felt very suprised when he sayed that .
and i asked him " how do you know me ? "
and he answered " you don't need to know " and he smiled at me ^^
i felt stucked with my foot , ahaha .
in fact , he is not handsome , not charming , not muscular but
why i like him ? haha
i felt glad when he stand beside me , i felt very very happy and felt fallin love :D
actually i've ever have a relation with him , but not as my boyfriend just as my friend but more than friend .
yaaaaaaaaa just feel flying with all of my heart and my happines when i see his smile .
maybe next time i hope i have the courage to chat with him more long time .

okey , i think this note is enough , i will continue this if i have progress with him again .
nite DRH :)

Mitaaaaaaa <3

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